Cork Jazz Festival and Blarney Castle

Cork may be Ireland’s number two city, but it hosts the country’s number one jazz festival, which provides a long weekend of fun before the chill of winter settles in. The city is the south’s sporting and commercial

stouts, Murphy’s and Beamish—still it is their chief competitor, Guinness, that sponsors the
fest, a city staple since 1978. Beer plays a vital role in keeping the beat, though one
overshadowed by the power, quality, and diversity of the music in a country in love with
its musical heritage. The big-time international names perform in major venues around
town, but the pubs and street corners can offer up some of the festival’s most inspiring, and
spontaneous, performances by up-and-coming talents. The enthusiasm for the arts also
includes poetry readings, gallery shows, film screenings, and concerts showcasing hip-hop,
blues, and world music. But jazz is the clear driver, so much so that a concurrent jazz festival
runs in neighboring Kinsale (18 miles southwest).

Cork Jazz Festival and Blarney Castle
Cork Jazz Festival and Blarney Castle
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